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Professional Packing Experts Love the Low Cost and Total Versatility      YOU Make the Box Size You Want   Make Your Specialty Box in 5 minutes for as little as $5.00     10 Times Cheaper than Crating with Plywood     10 Times Faster than Crating with 2x4's and Plywood     You Can Ship Anything to Anywhere in the World     Make Boxes and Pallet Coverings of any Size and Any Strength
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*Make Over 1,000,000 Different Size Boxes*

*Perfect Short Run Box Maker*

*Safe, Strong, Security Boxes up to 500lb Test*

*Perfect Sample Box Maker*

*Make High Value Fragile Custom Sized Boxes*

*YOU Make the Box Sizes You Want*

*Make Specialty Boxes for as little as $5.00*

*10 Times Faster than Crating with 2X4's & Plywood*

10 Times Cheaper than Crating with 2X4's & Plywood

*You Can Pack & Ship Anything to Anywhere*

*Make Boxes & Pallet Crating of any Size & Strength*

*Reduce Inventory and Cut Overhead*

*Increase Sales & Increase Packing Profits*

Grow Your Core Business Profitably

Professional Packing Experts Love the Cheap Packaging Cost and Total Versatility using the BoxMakerPro. WHY? Simple.... Put yourself in the place of your customer. Your customer has an item that requires specialty packaging. They got a price from one of your competitors that was way too high.  With the BoxMakerPro you can custom make the needed box and do the packing and shipping for your customer at a reasonable cost. That customer will never go back to your competitor.

So which of these stores are you? How Many Times Do you Need a Special Sized Security Box for a High Value, Odd Sized, or Oversized Shipment? How Many Customers have you lost because it was too expensive to pack the shipment with 6 boxes telescoped together and filled with a bag of peanuts? Just the dim weight savings plus the $50.00 oversized box fee savings will make you a hero with your customer.

With the BoxMakerPro you can craft the perfect box at the very best price. There is virtually no limit to what you can make.

This machine is designed for making specialty sized short run and sample boxes.

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